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The Money Card

OK, here it is - everytime you shop at our participating businesses you get paid. You don't pay extra - you just get money from us. We PAY you MONEY when you shop using your Moneycard during your purchase. Prowze Moneycard is an Eftpos Card, Credit Card together with Debit Card facilities. This means you can use the card at eftpos terminals as a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Eftpos Card, and pay for purchases online using the Credit Card. Everytime you use the Moneycard to pay for goods, we will reward you with Cash, in real time. You will be able to log into your account and view this. You can then use your Cash Rewards from us, to purchase other goods or services. Register now to get one.

Each Prowze Moneycard offers 3 functionalities within the same card. Each card holds and operates its own Account. The 3 functions are listed below;

  • 1)   Moneycard Reward Card
    We pay you rewards in CASH (not points) when you shop using the Moneycard. Your rewards vary from retailer to retailer, and is paid at retailers listed within this site. Please search above to find the retailers we pay rewards at. Rewards are always paid in real time, and you can log into your account to view your rewards, account balances, and transaction records once you've registered your card (register your card by using the 16 digit number on the face of your card). Once you've accumulated enough rewards for purchasing new goods, you can simply use your card to purchase the goods, and pay for it using your card. No PIN required, signature based card, so when the Eftpos terminal asks for pin, press “credit” then “enter” and transaction will process. Retailers will also guide you regarding this.
  • 2)   Moneycard Debit Card
    You can use Moneycard as a debit card, and collect rewards in Cash from us. Debit Card is simply when there is existing funds in your card and you use that fund to complete your purchases using your debit card. You can use this at Eftpos Terminals or online purchases. You can contact us to set up a savings scheme, whereby a set amount will be transferred daily or weekly into your debit card. You can also top up your debit card by logging into your normal bank account, go to bill payments online, and choose “Moneycard” from the payee, and fill in your card number together with the amount you wish to pay into your debit card, this will then be topup your Debit Card from your Bank account overnight on the next banking day.
  • 3)   Moneycard Credit Card
    You can use Moneycard Credit Card to make purchases at Eftpos Terminals or Online shoppings, and collect rewards in Cash from us. Your spending limit is approved by us, and this allows you to complete your purchases accordingly. Your Statement and transaction records are online, and you can view this once you log in. You can use your Rewards to make purchases also.

  • There are numerous goods for sale on our site, allowing you to shop online. Our online store is comprehensive with a variety of products.

Join Moneycard users across the Country, and get rewarded as you shop. We reward you with Cash, not points.

Please register your Money Card as soon as possible (unless already registered) and keep your money safe.


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Keep your Money Card safe and secure, and use it to your advantage.

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